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We have a strong track record of working with organisations both large and small to provide cutting edge Portals / Applications. We combine best of breed Microsoft technologies with our experience of a wide variety of business sectors to produce a result which is future proofed and a right fit for your organisation. We recommend an agile approach to development which means that chances of project success are greatly increased while delivering you the best value for money.

Centralised Contact Management Systems

Any modern business needs to be able to manage the large lists of contacts that their employees maintain. Consolidate and centralise these lists with one of the various contact management solutions we can offer A problem faced by many businesses is maintaining a high quality list of contact records. Data may be duplicated, out of date, inaccurate or simply not easily available to the people who need it. We can supply a variety of systems to help you manage these problems, from off-the-shelf systems, through customisations of existing systems right up to completely bespoke systems. We can help you select the appropriate implementation for your organisation.
Centralise and control contact records,
Range of systems available,
Customisation of existing,
Secure web access possible, so contacts are available from any location